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Greetings everyone!  I hope all of you had the most fantastic holidays and Valentine's and birthdays, where applicable, among many other fantastic things!  I'm sure we've all finally been suffocated under the rhythm and demands the new year has brought us, so let's just enjoy our slow descent into the abyss while we wait for another burst of turkey and pine trees to pop us back out again!  It's not as bad as it sounds I guess.  

Hey look, I updated my journal the first time this year!  That's a good start right?!  Maybe next year I'll tell you guys how Easter went!

Okay okay, anyway, before I consider getting ahead of myself, let me first post up a status report on the wonderful children's book I illustrated, "ABC's of Character", for those of you that haven't been informed already.  We've had a very awesome response to the book so far, and I've had the pleasure of presenting it to a number of kids at various events along with the author, Delores Tulloss. You can now find the book available for purchase at (search ABC's of Character), and you can also visit the website put up by the publisher here: .  If you would like to purchase a signed copy, don't hesitate to contact myself or Mrs. Tulloss directly, as the books you can purchase online will more than likely not pass by our hands first.  For those of you that have already purchased books, thank you soo much!  I hope they are a blessing to everyone you show them to, as the messages are something I think we all can learn from.

Anyway, moving along, I felt it was time that I needed to post up this small bit of news.  It appears that in the last couple months, I have been one of the selected TRAGEDIES to this new DA transition.  Yes, some of you are enjoying some kind of folder options and flippy fancy other stuff, but my end has been severed from DA gallery viewing, fullviews, and any potential deviation submission. I am attempting to rectify this situation, so as long as DA doesn't have ANYMORE CLEVERLY POINTLESS AND UNDENIABLY DISCRIMINATING ideas to throw our way in the coming weeks, I might be okay.  

Have any of you experienced problems like this lately?  Seriously, where do we get off thinking that people with 4 year old technology are suddenly BEHIND the times?!  I'm running on the barely Un-Tigered version of Panther OSX, and I'm already starting to feel like I got my hands blown off in WWII.  Does stuff really need to feel this old this fast?! Do we really want our society to develop this sense of quarterly paranoia, where we're socially obligated to buy new devices every half a year in fear that anything old suddenly becomes obsolete?   It's the 3D Pac-Man phenomena, where we assume that if it's "updated" in some way it somehow becomes better!  That's the problem only dictionaries, and the military, desparately need to worry about.  

Frankly, the new DA frightens me, because it may foreshadow what's coming in the impending years.  Our parents have already had to cope with a two decade blitz of changes, where the world suddenly went from typewriters to IMs in practically the blink of an eye.  If things move quicker than that, our kids will start earning degrees before they're even born!  Sure, that's cool and all, but if they pop out still speakin' "GAGA" then I want that tuition money back!

Some of us think morality will prevent the craziest of things from happening in the future, but you know, I'm not so sure that morality will even play a role.  Technology is so cold and heartless, and people seem to become more integrated with it every year.  By the time anyone catches on, the people pointing fingers might be doing it with just a mouse click and a text message (LOL, I JUST RAIZED TAXES ON OYU N00BS, DEAL W/ IT) and it'll be too late. It's not that the technology of today is evil or anything, it's just a lot of us might need to take some time out from our day, sit with a glass of juice, and really contemplate what we are doing with that day.  You know, appreciate the simple things, without thinking too hard about tomorrow.  Yes, I realize the hypocrisy in that last statement seems to be blooming in the context of this post, but even now I see how this analysis of mine is my way of seeing how the world has effected me so far this year.  Where have things gone too fast?  What about me has brought me to where I am now?  I think as long as we take the time to think about where we are, where we've been, and the fact that we haven't been alone in this world, it will slow us down just enough to keep us from getting lost in this oncoming typhoon of progression.  We haven't always needed the latest and greatest, so why do we need it now?  We still drink and leak the same million year old water anyway.  We shouldn't be afraid to still take some things slow, or at least be willing to keep more people in the loop.

Eh, I guess fours years just ain't enough in my eyes.  'Specially since my old Windows Me comp is still chuggin' like a frat boy (and thinking like one too, but hey, as long as it clocks in on Monday).  This transition from Analog to digital is at least being handled somewhat decently.

Anyway, thoughts?  Concerns?  Beef Jerky?  Maybe if enough of us are thirsty, the Kool-Aid man might show up.  I haven't seen him in a while.

In other news, I look forward to placing the good sir Meta Knight to my left side as myself and loyal Samus step on to the field of battle.  Hey, don't gimme me that look! It won't be the latest and greatest in a couple months when I actually manage to buy one of those Wiis.  Yeah, I know my priorities.  Food, family, and finances before free-for-all!

...Though I wish Nintendo would just come out with a Smash Box, for those of us who probably won't be playing anything else but.  

  • Listening to: Dougie Maclean (thanks NPR)
  • Reading: Disney: Illusion of Life
  • Watching: Independence Day
  • Playing: Alpha 3
  • Eating: Homemade Roasted Chicken BLT
  • Drinking: Another Fruity Concoction


Brian Hardison
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United States
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Operating System: Windows ME and Mac OS X Panther
Skin of choice: Negro
Favourite cartoon character: Charlie Brown
Personal Quote: Just be yourself.

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